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Before I came across the College of Professional Hypnotherapy, I was in a place of no hope. I was looking for fulfillment in my life, specifically, my career. I was tired of the same cycle of going to the same old job and leaving because I was so drained from it. I talked to Jennifer over the phone and I took a leap of faith and signed up for her class. I was hungry for change and was willing to work through blocks that were holding me back. I wanted to help inspire others in the process. Throughout the class, I began believing in myself and realized my purpose. I became so excited about having my own successful business and helping others the way Jennifer helped me. That was months ago and I still feel the same way. I am forever grateful for meeting Jennifer and for the skills and tools she has shared with me. Nothing has compared to the College of Professional Hypnotherapy training. Not only did I learn effective tools but I also learned how to run an efficient and successful business. It's a solid program that I highly recommend to anyone :).

Herpreet Minhas

Full Circle Hypnosis (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) is one of the best schools out there. I see practitioners from many fields in my work, and the students from this school stand out among the best. They are very proficient in their work, have an excellent base of knowledge and very successful in their field.

Luann Horobin

Taking the hypnotherapy training program with Full Circle Hypnosis (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) was a priceless experience. Personally it gave me confidence and a greater level of satisfaction with my life. Professionally, it gave me practical skills that my seven years of post secondary education did not provide. This course has renewed my passion for humanistic work and given me an unbelievable amount of motivation to make my dreams come true. Thank you Full Circle!

Gemma Zinkan, M.A. Counselling Psychologist

Being a hypnotherapist now for 6 years, I have meet and seen a lot of schools and instructors and I can honestly say Full Circle Hypnosis (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) offers the best hypnotherapy program I've ever come across.

Sherry-Ann Meder

Over the course of my career in medicine and psychotherapy I have encountered many mental health practitioners and in my opinion Jennifer Alexander is among the best I have known. She has a natural talent and ability that allows her to intuit and identify the core issues underlying people's complaints, and this coupled with her skill as a hypnotherapist provides tremendous benefit to her students and clients alike. I can't say enough good things about Jennifer as a helping professional and as a teacher.

Dr. Diane Shaw, MD MA Counselling

Full Circle Hypnosis (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) is one of the best things that has even happened to me! Throughout the training, Jennifer Alexander made me feel important, valued and cared about, unlike anyone I've ever met. She is the best teacher I've ever had!

Naomi Ramisch

The training I received in 2009 from Full Circle Hypnosis (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) as part of the Ultimate Success Business Package was extremely thorough and I found no comparison in any other facility. The instructors were very knowledgeable and I was well prepared as a clinical hypnotherapist to begin working with paying clients.

Manon Mitchell

Jennifer's name was given to me almost a year ago. I was frustrated with the dead ends I was hitting in an effort to complete certification for clinical hypnotherapy. I had studied with two other schools and had a good amount of training but was in no way ready to start up a practise. And altho one promised certification, and charged big fees, she did not come through. I have so enjoyed getting to know this lovely lady. She is dependable, trustworthy, non-judgemental, kind, and an amazing teacher and therapist. In the course of enrolment in her program, I have witnessed amazing transformations as she helped myself and my classmates work through our issues in preparation for our roles in facilitating these transformations for our clients. Her knowledge is vast and she is able to use her sense of humour in a compassionate way as her clients work their way thru, often difficult, issues. I highly recommend her as a therapist and/or an instructor. She will change your life!!

Judi Rusk

I have been working in the psychotherapy field for quite some time both as a clinician and instructor within the Health Sciences at the University of Lethbridge. Words cannot capture how grateful I am for her guidance my continued transformation and unbelievably expanding my psychotherapy education.Moreover, for beginning counsellors and the seasoned.... taking her training will radically change your practice.

Jason Solowoniuk

I discovered first-hand the amazing preparedness I received at the College of Professional Hypnotherapy (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) in the early stages of my own practice. There is the obvious course material that provides and prepared me for what I needed to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist. However, I realized how prepared I was when I encountered my first crisis. My client arrived at my office and prepared to tell me his story about what was going on for him. Instinctively I knew there was much more going on than what he was sharing. I asked him very non-judgmentally and confidently was he suicidal - he responded yes. I knew exactly what to do! We had covered this material in our course so I knew the questions to ask I also knew what to do based on the answers he provided. In retrospect I could not believe how comfortable I was in this position and I owe it all to having covered the material in class. The confidence in my abilities was evident and was a direct result from the coaching and teaching that I had received in my course from Jennifer Alexander. I am incredibly grateful for having had this knowledge and I know that my client is too! PS: my client is doing really, really well and no longer suffers the issues that he come to me with as a direct result of our work together and my ability to assist him with his Inner Core Resistance and helping him see hope and possibilities again in his life! Unmeasurable thanks to Jennifer Alexander and the wonderful education the College of Professional Hypnotherapy provided me with.

Sarah Gleeson

Taking the training was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Before I started the program, without warning, my heartbeat would sometimes become alarmingly fast and irregular. On those occasions, it felt like a small, panicky animal had somehow become trapped inside my chest. This condition, called tachycardia, had sent me to the local emergency room on several occasions. What was really frustrating was that no one knows what causes it and, therefore, no one knows how to prevent it. I had quit smoking the year before, hoping that that would make it stop, but it didn’t. It was explained to me by the medical profession as some sort of organic electrical problem. I was taking a kind of high blood pressure medication that was supposed to lessen the probability of it happening but I wasn’t convinced that it did anything at all except for inviting other unpleasant symptoms from the long list of side effects. The surgery that often alleviates this condition was not something I was willing to experience. It involves a wire that is inserted into the groin and then threaded up into the heart. Attached to the wire is some kind of “zapper” that “kills off” the “bad” parts of the heart that are causing the twitching that upsets the rhythm. I’d entertained the idea of that option for about 5 seconds, once. Making the 3 hour drive to Calgary (alone) to attend classes several times over the coming year was, because of this condition, scary to me, and so was staying alone in a hotel room, and so was the idea of it happening in class. However, the notion that any part of my heart could somehow be bad and that it should be killed was even scarier. Wouldn’t it be better if I could just not think about it? I’d read enough of Wayne Dyer’s books to know that what we focus on expands but that didn’t seem to be helping. Something was missing…there were some other parts to this puzzle I needed to know before I could “be cured”. Through this program I knew I’d been given the solution. After attending classes for 5 months, I was no longer taking high blood pressure medication and I have never again had to endure one of those fear-filled trips to the emergency room. To understand that my health is in my own hands is so liberating and so empowering! That alone would have been more than enough for me to be forever grateful to hypnosis, but that was only one of the many benefits that I have unexpectedly received. My marriage went from on the rocks to blissful. And my relationship with my son went from non-existent to close and loving. I highly recommend the CPH training!

Linda Fairley

It has been the most wonderful liberating, educational experience I have ever had the pleasure of engaging in. I have learned the unlimited power of the mind! It feels like I have finally kicked in every door that had me locked out. BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE! Thank you SO much!

Sarah Wettberg

I did a lot of research on hypnosis courses and schools before I chose to take the courses at Full Circle Hypnosis (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy). Right away, I could tell that Jennifer Alexander and her organization were different than any others out there. Full Circle Hypnosis places emphasis not only on required knowledge, but also professionalism and self-development. It is obvious that Jennifer and Full Circle's mission is to help you as a new hypnotherapist to become as confident and successful as you can be. I already feel that these objectives have been fulfilled. Not only have I had client feedback and results unparalleled by any of the other modalities I have previously worked with, but I have finally found work that I absolutely love and feel great about doing. Taking the hypnotherapy courses through Full Circle Hypnosis is the best thing I've ever done for myself and my family! I have no doubt that when I’ve finished my coursework the way will have been paved to a very successful and rewarding new career.

Trena Barnes

Having hypnotherapy done on me was incredible! Things I thought were long resolved came back during the session and were processed internally in a way that made perfect sense to me. Powerful gut wrenching emotions surfaced and were released quickly. I had an inner sense that these issues were now really behind me and experienced a feeling of lightness and peace.

Carol Fosty, Registered Social Worker

Being an entertainer with hypnosis, I wanted to be fully trained in all aspects of hypnosis, and with the College of Professional Hypnotherapy (and Calgary School of Hypnotherapy), I was able to broaden my insight to hypnosis outside of the stage setting so that when I perform hypnosis I can be confident and make sure my participants feel safe and secure!

Tristan Court, Entertainer

The courses were exactly what I desired them to be!! "The Law of Attraction" and "Hypnosis" really works. I have gained so much from attending these courses!! Many thanks from the heart.

Elaine Schiele

After the course I felt confident and excited about life! I gained the tools and experience to help change my life and to help others. My personal mission now it so use this powerful tool: hypnosis to heal the world. I recommend anyone to explore hypnosis as a self-help tool or take these courses to learn to do it to others and yourself!

Samantha Hussey

Hypnosis has not only changed my life it has given me a whole new life. I want to use hypnosis in the future to help other people improve and renew their lives.

Sandra Auty

This course has helped me gain the peace and confidence in myself to know I can heal my body. To know that whatever fear comes to me it can be released and when it is released that I am free! Thank you!

Helen Jacobs, Consultant

Before taking the Resistance to Results Intensive I had been monitoring my blood pressure as it was on the high side and I was resistant and very leery of taking any drugs to stabilize it. After attending the course I noticed that my blood pressure had come back to the normal range and that frequent checks indicated that it was now reading in the normal range most of the time. I also found it very beneficial to observed Jennifer Alexander as she facilitated the course. Her intuitive and insightful style in dealing with issues and different people was amazing to watch. I have learned so much from Jennifer and have benefited immensely in my everyday life by incorporating the many tools this course gave me.

Dave Robertson

I signed up for the Clinical Hypnotherapy program to gain the skills to change career paths. This program is designed in such a way that it accomplishes so much more. It began me on a journey where my priorities, my beliefs, how I acted and reacted to the world where challenged and with that came a significant shift which continues to this day. I am now beginning my own practice. Thank you Jennifer. You are an amazing teacher and an awesome person. You have built a program that teaches the academics as well as builds the confidence to become a successful hypnotherapist!

Marg Kirkendall, Social Worker

This course has given me an increased consciousness with regard to my thoughts and how they influence my life. This has lead to improved confidence and enriched relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. I create more success for myself.

Linda Kiernan

These courses dovetail nicely with other therapeutic modalities which increase my self-confidence.

Ruth Bieber

If I never make a career of Hypnotherapy it has certainly not been a waste of time OR money. My life has improved and continues to improve from what I've learned both in and out of the classroom.

Ian McLean

I was lucky to see your hypnotherapy course ad and even more lucky to take this course. The teachers represented all I was looking for: professionalism, knowledge, patience, confidence and many other features. But most importantly, they shared their inner light with me.

Kana Yessekey

I was so truly impressed by the introduction to hypnosis session that I had to learn how to give people the same wonderful feeling and hopefully help them in some way. Thank you Full Circle Hypnosis (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy), keep up the awesome work.

Kevin Barrie

Thank you and just to let you know that I enjoyed every minute of my school and in meeting so many wonderful people. I feel that much richer for having had the experience. I'm getting myself ready to go out there and do some of the amazing work that this field has been producing.

Theresa Malnar

Thank you so much, I took the courses and they were awesome I learned so much about myself as well about others. I met some great people and I really enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you again for this great opportunity.

Kristina Nelson

That was amazing! I can't believe how easy it was. I didn't think I could be induced and by the end I could drop into hypnosis in no time and drop others into hypnosis in to time. I feel unbelievably energetic and competent like never before. I recommend this class for anyone who's evenly remotely interested in hypnotism.

Michelle, Personal Development Facilitator

I am a student at Full Circle Hypnosis (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy). I know each instructor to be an outstanding teacher and advisor to all the students. They are extremely supportive, non-judgmental, and does everything that she can to make sure that you get your needs met, and your questions answered! I am very proud to be a student of this wonderful Training School! Good for you, Jennifer! Your very hard work shows in the kind of students that you produce! Thank you!

Carmen St. Pierre

Great course. Went surprisingly deep in being able to do hypnosis in just 2 days. Great personal development as well.

Brad Mooney, Consultant

Wow, I don't really know where to begin... After your introductory session I felt like a million dollars, and even now two weeks later I still feel great! I've felt a huge increase in confidence and it's already helping both of my businesses! Thank you so much.

Chad Reitsma, Website Designer

Where do I begin? Hypnosis and the Subconscious have always intrigued me. I admit I was a little skeptic prior and while attending Jennifer’s Intro Session. Then as my curiosity and interests grew, I proceeded with the course. I was amazed by Jennifer’s vast knowledge of the topic she teaches, and her willingness to share the tricks of the trade. I went from being a skeptic to a believer, and now a practitioner of this art. My new found discovery opened many doors enabling me to work for myself, to enrich my life, and also the lives of people around me. I highly recommend this to anyone who is either curious about Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy or are considering pursuing this as a career. Jennifer will walk you step by step and until this day, I am still in contact with her. When I have questions/concerns, I simply email her or pick up the phone.

Jack Kha

Through hypnosis I have been able to recognize my strengths and release my fears. I feel like a whole new world has been opened before me. It has proved to me that anything can be achieved. Everyone should experience this feeling of well being it has give me. Thank you Jennifer for all the wonderful information. You made this a great experience.

Terri Forsythe, Dental Hygienist

When I first enrolled in your course, I did so because I have always had a personal interest in hypnosis and hoped I could learn something new. I had no idea I would get as much from the course as I have. I have worked many years in the medical field and wish that I had had these skills years ago - nevertheless, it is now a part of me that I am sure I will make use of in the future.

Marlene Gray, Retired Nurse

This course brought me out of a very stressful time in my life and gave me a new direction and the confidence to follow it. I truly believe anything is possible with hypnosis because it is the connection to the power of your mind.

Sylvia Stinson, Bakery Decorator

Before hypnosis, I was like an unopened flower, the petals wrapped tightly around and protruding the center. I suffered from depression for years and could not remember my past. Through hypnotherapy, I opened up and remembered some things. I revisited a deceased brother and found out that I didn't have to access further memories to be a whole person. I feel much lighter and less bothered about my past.

Carol Szabo, Bookkeeper/Administrator

WOW! Great training, very comprehensive! Thank you Full Circle Hypnosis (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) for sharing your wisdom, gifts, experience, heart & insights. What a difference you've made for me!

Anne Veres, Handwriting Expert

Jennifer is an excellent instructor with appropriate course material. Her main focus is to have the student learn as much as possible and to prepare them properly for a career change.

Peter T., Sales and Marketing

I keep trying to come up with the right words to say about Full Circle Hypnosis (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) and I just can’t. Nothing seems adequate because this program is just unbelievable! So let me just tell you what it has done for me, and I assure you, it can do for you. I had been struggling with lifelong issues with money, I had a failing business, I experienced poor health regularly. I knew it was possible to change all that, but I just didn’t see how. My future, although I knew I was talented and had much to offer the world, didn’t excite me, nor did I ever believe that I would feel fully supported and abundant. Jennifer Alexander and Full Circle Hypnosis changed all of that. From day one, Jennifer showed me that it was possible to master my reality, that it wasn’t just “new age lip service.” As I worked my way through the program and learned to help others, I learned also to help myself….and my reality changed! Money now flows to me though all sorts of unexpected channels, my health has improved, as have my relationships and I’ve even manifested a move to my dream city to teach these very same concepts to others. Probably most importantly though, is that I now experience life with no fear. I feel confident and excited about my future. There is not a single doubt in my mind that I call the shots on every single thing that I experience from this day forward. I will be, do and have whatever I desire! So you see, Full Circle Hypnosis simply can’t be compared to anything else. What is being taught here is life mastery on a profound level. Jennifer has found a way to help each of us to remember fully the power each of us has as our birthright. I thank Source each and every day for having led me here.

Trena Barnes

From the first time I spoke with Jennifer Alexander I was impressed by her clear distinct voice. As a result of this connection I attended her free session and from there booked a personal appointment. The personal appointment brought results of healing my past pain of loss and as a result no longer need anti depressive medication. As the field of hypnosis has always intrigued me and I was struggling in a new career of sales, I enrolled in her training program for basic, master and advanced hypnosis. This experience is similar to the story of the baby elephant being chained down and as he tugs and pulls he is unable to get free of his chains. As an adult elephant the chain is replaced with a rope which is just tied around the ankle and the elephant is not chain down. The elephant is held in place as he believes that he is unable to move from that spot. In human life, parents, relatives, schools, churches, etc put down rules or chains to keep us closed and safe. Unfortunately as adults many of these rules chain us or limit our ability to grow and go forward in life. We are held back by these childhood restrictions which are in fact no longer there but our mind believes they are. My chains are both quickly and slowly falling off and so at the age of 56, I am finding the true me.

Linda McCormick, 30 years an employee and 1 year free, self-employed

Taking Jennifer's hypnotherapy course was the most empowering experience I have had. I began a life transformation from the first day of class. I now have a new life and also a new career! I love what I do and get to help people every day. The tools I learned in the course are life-changing; the course is worthwhile just for personal use. I highly recommend these hypnotherapy courses for anyone. You will begin to see yourself change and be amazed with the results. Personally, I have cleared long-standing health issues, blocks and have changed my vision to not wearing glasses anymore. I recommend this course as a self-investment for your life.

Annett Schneider

Thank you Jennifer for all your wonderful teaching, encouragement and inspiration. I continue to use hypnotherapy as part of my practice on a regular basis and it has added a new level of intervention and healing for my clients.

R. Diane Shaw, MD, MA Counselling

Wow!! My life has changed so much. It's great! I am a different person now. I am positive and love being me. Before I took this training I was depressed! I didn't love myself, didn't know where I was going in life, it was if I hit a brick wall and there was only up or down. This course made me think of what I wanted to do and I choose up. Now I'm on top of the world! I recommend this course to everyone I meet. If it can change my life, it can change yours too. I now have a great career that I love. I glow with excitement with everything I do. I have lost weight, I have a whole bunch of great friends and life is great! Thank you Jennifer.

Tisha Efford, Dental Hegienist

I wanted to thank you Jennifer for showing me the missing piece I was so desperately looking for all these years! Two hours with you is like a years worth of coaching from anyone else. Thank you for helping me so much, so quickly!

Tanya Hrehirchuck

20 year allergy sufferer. I began seeing Jennifer for hypnosis therapy in June and have benefited greatly from our sessions. I originally approached Jennifer about trying hypnosis to overcome my fears of doing forward rolls relating to Karate training. I no longer breakout in a cold seat and my heart is no longer beating frantically in fear of doing rolls nor am I uncomfortable with doing Kata in front of others. After a few sessions we discussed my 35 plus years of suffering from migraine headaches and 20 plus years with allergies. To my amazement I can sit on a freshly cut lawn, play with a cat and eat ice cream and that is after one session! Our sessions have also boosted my self-confidence and self esteem. Thank you Jennifer, you have changed my life forever!

Deb Graham

No more chronic pain after 1 session. When I met Jennifer I had chronic pain in my lower extremities to hip area. I had this pain for more than 4 years and it was most noticeable at night. This chronic pain made my nights restless and I didn't get a lot of sleep. After 1 hypnosis session I slept awesome - with little to no pain. On the 2nd day after my 1st hypnosis session I had no pain. I slept in a deep sleep through the whole night! I highly recommend Jennifer for anyone who wants to change their life!

Nadine Beaucage, Realtor

Hypnosis Was the Key to Changing My Reality! This was my first experience with hypnosis and what an enlightening journey it turned out to be! Jennifer is a very talented and intuitive therapist and skillfully unlocked blocks that were impeding my path to spiritual, professional and personal growth. I found the hypnosis experience to be relaxing, rewarding and most importantly key to changing my reality! I am more focused now, have more energy and sleep is deeper and more restful. Thank you Jennifer, please continue your work, you have many gifts to share! I will recommend you to clients.

Judy Weir, RN/Addiction Counsellor

Professional Body Builder: I just want to say thank you for all of your assistance in allowing me to live my life to it's full potential. In saying this I do know that the thoughts in my mind (subconscious mind) and the effect it has on the results in my life are directly related. So working with you with this in mind, has been a great experience. I have had some great results with the work we have done together, and one of the examples of this is that I (we) had worked with a couple issues around my body weight, image, eating habits etc... that really were about self worth, self love and the lack of trust I have had in myself. So after working with you on these issues I was noticing dramatic results within 3-4 months of this one session. The results came gently and subtly and over time, it took me this much to realize that changes did begin very soon after our session... I have now began a career in physique modeling and I am very confident that I am able to do well fulfilling this long awaited desired career. I look forward to working with you when I feel I want a new direction and experience or a new result in my life... Thank you for your expertise in navigating this experience for me Jennifer.

Crystal Clarkson

Professional Golfer Before hypnosis I had a difficult time controlling my emotions while playing golf. I learned the proper way of thinking by developing positive images and confidence in my subconscious through hypnosis. By practicing these skills with the light and sound machine and having them in place while I compete, I feel totally confident in my abilities to achieve my goals. Thank you for allowing me to understand how to control my mind and I can't wait to use my new and improved mental skills in 2005 and for the rest of my career!

Travis Inlo, Pro Golfer

Take 8 Strokes Off Your Golf Game Last spring I went to Jennifer Alexander of Full Circle Hypnosis (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy), for a few sessions of hypnotherapy to improve my golf game. Now it is October and I received the runner-up prize for most improved golfer at our club's windup dinner the other night. I intend to use the same thinking, enhanced focus and concentration, for my bowling game over the winter. Once you know the techniques of a sport and you have the proper equipment to play it, the only thing that might be holding you back is the most important tool - your mind. Hypnosis did wonders for me in other ways, some subtle and some glaringly obvious. After my golf game started to come together I went back to Jennifer for three more sessions to assist me with weight control. Two months have gone by and I am slowly but steadily losing my excess weight. My goal will be achieved in time. Also I noticed I have more self-confidence and self-assurance. I'm more relaxed and am also relieved after taking care of some emotional issues that were outstanding - all with Jennifer's help. Jennifer has introduced me to a whole different way of thinking - even at this late stage in my life. I am 68 years old. You see, you CAN teach old dogs new tricks!!

Claire Myers

Memory Enhancement It was my first time getting hypnotized. It was quite an experience. Not only did I feel like my memory had already improved but I also felt more confident when leaving that first session. I felt very comfortable thru the whole hypnosis and look forward to my next session. I know now that hypnosis is not something to be scared of but rather embraced and used in such a way to bring confidence to a person in their everyday life experiences.

Derek Lalonde

No More Anxiety Pills I am so impressed and amazed, I knew hypnotherapy was going to help me but I never expected the first session would work so well. I have been off my clonazepam (anxiety medication) for two weeks now with almost no side effects! In the seven years of taking this drug and trying to get off of it so often I have never, ever been able to do it for more than three days and with terrible side effects. I am looking forward to healing further and getting my weight problem under control. Thank you so much, you're an angel sent from heaven.

Sarah Sloove

Just One Session I got more from just one session with you than I did from three months of hypnotherapy with someone.

Crystal Clarkson

This training has changed my life and has brought a new awareness and understanding of the psychology of human behavior. I now have much more to offer my clients in making a better life for themselves.

Jane Berthiaume

What I learned in this course exceeded my expectations. I have taken other certification courses and the training I received went far beyond anything I have previously experienced. Full Circle (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) supplies the foundation, building blocks and resources for hypnotherapists to build a thriving career.

Susan Allyson, Path to Potential

I have met and seen a lot of schools and instructors and I can honestly say this in one of the best hypnotherapy schools in Canada.

Sherry-Ann Meder

Taking this training was the most empowering experience I’ve ever had. I began a life transformation from the first day of class. I now have a new life and also a new career! I love what I do and get to help people every day.

Annett Schneider

My experience was amazing! The information taught is very important for running a business and feeling confident. If someone wants to be a Hypnotherapist they should take their training here as they’ll be much further ahead than anywhere else.

Glenda Jordan, Inner Soul Guidance

Taking this training has opened doors to possibilities that I could never have imagined.

Jack Kha

This training is the best out there! I see practitioners from many fields in my work and the students from this training stand out among the best. They are very proficient in their work, have an excellent base of knowledge and very successful in their field.

Luann Horobin

My experience was fantastic and I got something I didn’t expect – healing within. I felt comfortable and motivated to begin my business as soon as I completed my certification.

Rosanna Sardella

As a student, I have changed from feeling over-emotional and confused to confident and strong. I highly recommend you get started with Full Circle (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) right away. You’ll be so glad you did.

Naomi Ramisch, Prism Hypnotherapy

While completing my practicum sessions, I worked with a client who had been trying to conceive for over a year. After only one session, she became pregnant!

Trena Barnes

After completing my training with Full Circle (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) my client’s success rate has been over 90%.

Line Laroche, Inner Healing, Inner Growth Hypnotherapy

I have worked many years in the medical field and wish that I had had these skills years ago.

Marlene Gray

This is the first solid training that I’ve experienced in 15 years that is well laid out and organized offering students practical steps combined with ongoing support to start and maintain a successful business.

Joann Meunier, Infinity Hypnosis

These courses provided me with the tools and techniques to enhance my life beyond my expectations and in turn I am able to help my clients achieve success and happiness.

Jackie Tousignant

Because of the thorough information combined with the excellent training I now have my own hypnotherapy business, and I can combine my teaching degree with my hypnotherapy training in many ways.

Joann Meunier, Infinity Hypnosis

The tools I learned in the course are life-changing. You will begin to see yourself change and be amazed with the results.

Annett Schneider

This training enabled me to successfully start my own business. Not only has it changed my life significantly, I am now able to help others change theirs.

Sarah Wettberg, Visit Your Mind

During my career in medicine and psychotherapy I’ve encountered many mental health practitioners and in my opinion Jennifer Alexander is among the best.

Dr. Dianne Shaw, M.A. Counselling

For anyone who wants to improve their skills and be more effective in their own lives and potentially to be able to help others, Full Circle (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) is a credible, capable, solid program.

Rae-ann Wood-Schatz, President, Personal Best Seminars

Attending Full Circle (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) has initiated many opportunities for me. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in changing their career or enhancing their skill sets.

Debbie Patterson, Divine Guidance