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Hypnosis Training Calgary – Home

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How Do You Choose The Right School?

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7 Tips to Selecting the Right Hypnotherapy School for You

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What Can Hypnosis Do For You?

How Are We Different From Other Schools?

Comprehensive practicum program

All students are required to complete 120 hours of practicum in order to become certified. By the time you graduate from the program, you’ll feel comfortable and confident that you can work with any client on any issue.

210 to 385 hours of in-class time

This isn’t just a three-day or three-week program. Our curriculum was developed by Jennifer Alexander with 15 years experience in hypnotherapy, teaching, and personal development.

Online Community Website

We believe support is key to success so CPH developed the online community site, a place where students and therapists can gather to collaborate and support one another.

Graduates qualify for malpractice insurance

Since our standards of education and testing are so high, graduates of our programs are eligible for malpractice insurance.

Ongoing Support After Graduation

We know that starting a new practice can be challenging and we want to see you succeed so the support doesn’t stop at graduation. You’ll continue to be a member of the CPH online community site.

Hand-Picked Students

Our classes are experiential. During class, you’ll be working through any of your own issues that arise so that by the time you graduate, you have the skills and the mindset for success. This type of learning isn’t for everyone so we make sure that each student accepted into the program is ready to learn, grow, succeed and help his or her classmates do the same.

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  • This training has changed my life and has brought a new awareness and understanding of the psychology of human behavior. I now have much more to offer my clients in making a better life for themselves.

    Jane Berthiaume

  • What I learned in this course exceeded my expectations. I have taken other certification courses and the training I received went far beyond anything I have previously experienced. Full Circle (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) supplies the foundation, building blocks and resources for hypnotherapists to build a thriving career.

    Susan Allyson, Path to Potential

  • I have met and seen a lot of schools and instructors and I can honestly say this in one of the best hypnotherapy schools in Canada.

    Sherry-Ann Meder

  • Taking this training was the most empowering experience I’ve ever had. I began a life transformation from the first day of class. I now have a new life and also a new career! I love what I do and get to help people every day.

    Annett Schneider

  • My experience was amazing! The information taught is very important for running a business and feeling confident. If someone wants to be a Hypnotherapist they should take their training here as they’ll be much further ahead than anywhere else.

    Glenda Jordan, Inner Soul Guidance

  • Taking this training has opened doors to possibilities that I could never have imagined.

    Jack Kha

  • This training is the best out there! I see practitioners from many fields in my work and the students from this training stand out among the best. They are very proficient in their work, have an excellent base of knowledge and very successful in their field.

    Luann Horobin, Coach

  • My experience was fantastic and I got something I didn’t expect – healing within. I felt comfortable and motivated to begin my business as soon as I completed my certification.

    Rosanna Sardella

  • As a student, I have changed from feeling over-emotional and confused to confident and strong. I highly recommend you get started with Full Circle (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) right away. You’ll be so glad you did.

    Naomi Ramisch, Prism Hypnotherapy

  • While completing my practicum sessions, I worked with a client who had been trying to conceive for over a year. After only one session, she became pregnant!

    Trena Barnes

  • After completing my training with Full Circle (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) my client’s success rate has been over 90%

    Line Laroche, Inner Healing, Inner Growth Hypnotherapy

  • I have worked many years in the medical field and wish that I had had these skills years ago!

    Marlene Gray, Retired Nurse

  • This is the first solid training that I’ve experienced in 15 years that is well laid out and organized offering students practical steps combined with ongoing support to start and maintain a successful business.

    Joann Meunier, Infinity Hypnosis

  • These courses provided me with the tools and techniques to enhance my life beyond my expectations and in turn I am able to help my clients achieve success and happiness.

    Jackie Tousignant

  • Because of the thorough information combined with the excellent training I now have my own hypnotherapy business, and I can combine my teaching degree with my hypnotherapy training in many ways.

    Joann Meunier, Infinity Hypnosis

  • The tools I learned in the course are life-changing. You will begin to see yourself change and be amazed with the results.

    Annett Schneider

  • This training enabled me to successfully start my own business. Not only has it changed my life significantly, I am now able to help others change theirs.

    Sarah Wettberg, Visit Your Mind

  • During my career in medicine and psychotherapy I’ve encountered many mental health practitioners and in my opinion Dr. Jennifer Alexander is among the best.

    Dr. Dianne Shaw, MA Counselling

  • For anyone who wants to improve their skills and be more effective in their own lives and potentially to be able to help others, Full Circle (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) is a credible, capable, solid program.

    Rae-ann Wood-Schatz, President, Personal Best Seminars

  • Attending Full Circle (now Calgary School of Hypnotherapy) has initiated many opportunities for me. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in changing their career or enhancing their skill sets.

    Debbie Patterson, Divine Guidance.